2 Elmhurst Aldermen reverses the course of the mayor’s powers


ELMHURST, IL – Earlier in the fall, cracks appeared in support for the mayor’s temporary powers of Elmhurst during the pandemic. But these cracks appear to have been sealed.

The expanded authority started with Mayor Steve Morley at the start of the pandemic and then resumed with Mayor Scott Levin when he took office in May.

As coronavirus cases plunged, the city allowed the mayor’s temporary powers to expire over the summer. But the matter was brought back to city council with the latest wave.

At a meeting in early September, Ward 6 alderman Mike Honquest said he was against the return of the mayor’s temporary powers.

“I’m going to vote against this not because I have concerns about the leadership of Mayor (Scott) Levin or in particular this ordinance, but in general I’m at a point where I think we need to stop doing things. and emergency warrants, ”Honquest said. “As an elected official, I think I speak for others – we’re going to have to learn to live with COVID as we go along.”

The council voted 9-2 for powers, with Ward 3 alderman Dannee Polomsky joining Honquest in opposition.

They seemed to pick up where Ward 3 alderman Michael Bram left off when his term expired in May. For more than a year, Bram voted against regular extensions giving the mayor expanded powers. He said any emergency measures could be dealt with as part of the council’s regular procedures. He was alone in his dissent.

Since September, Polomsky and Honquest seem to have abandoned their position. They voted for extensions of the mayor’s temporary powers at subsequent meetings.

When Patch asked about it last week, Polomsky said in an email: “It wasn’t until after the Council relinquished emergency powers (while the state continued) I expressed my opposition. I remain certain that the City does not need to work with the local emergency authorities to conduct the business of the City. My aim was – and is – to facilitate a change in the way we operate. “

Polomsky, who supported Levin’s mayoral bid, said she discussed her views with the mayor, like others. She said he had thought “thoughtfully”.

She recommended that Patch contact Levin about his current thinking. Patch did, but couldn’t get his comment.

Honquest did not return a message for comment.

During the first weeks of the pandemic in 2020, then-mayor Steve Morley used his emergency powers in several ways. He suspended the overdue charges and the disruption of public services. And he extended the payment of vehicle registration fees for municipal stickers.

Like other towns, Morley has permitted the off-premises consumption of originally packaged beer, wine and liquor in connection with certain restaurant liquor licenses.

In addition, Morley suspended the issuance of lawyers’ licenses and those that already existed.

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