A mini golf course is coming to Malacari at Mountain Top


MOUNTAIN TOP — Malacari Ice Cream at 315 S. Mountain Blvd. is finishing up a fun new addition for the whole family, set to open next month.

Construction of the 18-hole mini-golf course is well underway, according to photos from Malacari’s Produce Stand & Deli Facebook, with concrete poured for at least three holes last week.

“It’s going to be (open) in May. Hopefully Memorial Day or sooner. We plan to shoot it all summer,” Joey Malacari said.

Malacari explained that after buying the property in Mountain Top that houses Abe’s ice cream stand and hot dogs, ideas began to circulate about what to do with the adjacent land.

“I wanted something that went with ice cream,” he said. “I’m actually a resident of Wright Township. So I wanted something that Mountain Top didn’t have, knowing that, you know, most things you have to go down town to get.

“I can tell you from experience, once you go up the mountain at night, when you’re done working, you don’t want to come down again,” he added with a laugh.

So the hope is that this golf course, along with Abe’s and of course, Malacari’s Ice Cream Stand, will offer something for area residents of all ages to enjoy without having to travel too far from home.

And the theme of the course? It will be like a trip to the beach.

Malacari said childhood memories inspired the theme, recalling that whenever he went mini-golf as a child it was always on the Jersey Shore or in Maryland.

“For some reason, I think mini golf is the beach, it’s the vacation,” he remarked, continuing, “So we wanted to go with something like that.”

The course will have its own kiosk for club and ball hire, as well as a free play opportunity at the end where players can win their next game completely free with a hole-in-one.

“It’s something completely new and something we’re excited to do,” Malacari said.

“We started it all off with our grocery store and we’re excited to branch out into something else, you know, like we’ve branched out in the past. It will be just another small piece of our family business,” he added.

Speaking of the family business, the restaurant is set to open at 80 Wilkes-Barre Twp. Boul. the location is still under construction.

“Progress is being made daily,” Malacari said, though he didn’t specify a specific opening date, adding that an update can be expected, “in the coming weeks.”


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