A training course on bamboo crafts will be organized in Sittwe


The Department of Small Industries will organize a basic training course on bamboo crafts in Sittwe, Rakhine State.

The training course will take place in the capital of Rakhine State from December 1 to 15, according to the head of the Department of Small Industries of Rakhine State.

“The purpose of this training is to help small businesses grow in Rakhine State, establish businesses on a manageable scale, create employment opportunities and contribute to the development of the region,” the manager explained.

The course will accommodate 20 trainees, with a per diem allowance of K 3,000 per trainee, according to the State Department of Small Industries.

“There will also be culinary training courses on how to make a variety of jams, juices and baked goods,” he added.

Those wishing to take the training can register with the Department of Small Industries of Rakhine State in Sittwe or by calling 09 250 188 552.

The training will be conducted in commerce and if the trainees want to start a business, they will benefit from the advice and support of the Department of Small Industries, the head of the State Department said.

Similar training courses will be held in all cantons of Rakhine State during the next fiscal year, he added.

Daw Nyo Aye, president of the Rakhine Women’s Network, said she was concerned that trainees would not be sufficiently educated because the offered course is short, although she added that the aim of the course is to create more educational opportunities. job was commendable.

“This training is a good sign. On the one hand, this is a short-term course, so we need to re-evaluate whether the trainees can get a full education. Another thing is [to consider] the knowledge they have acquired will enter the market. We have to think about it, ”she said.

The Rakhine Women’s Network is currently running six-month sewing courses for women in camps for internally displaced people in Rakhine State.

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