After Treasurer Threatened To Remove All JPMorgan Chase Accounts, Company Backs Up Donald Trump Jr. Missouri


(The Center Square) – Republican Treasurer Scott Fitzpatrick said his threat to shut down all business his office does with JPMorgan Chase led the nation’s largest bank to change the application of its terms of service for a subsidiary .

The Defense of Freedom Political Action Committee used WePay, a payment processing subsidiary of JPMorgan Chase, to purchase tickets for a lecture given by Donald Trump Jr. on December 3 at the St. Charles Convention Center. Jim Lembke, a former senator from Missouri, told KFTK radio on Tuesday that about $ 30,000 in ticket sales had been returned to buyers.

“We get an email from WePay saying they are stopping ticket sales and refunding all those tickets to people who bought them and could not do business with us in the future due to hate, violence , racial intolerance, terrorism and financial exploitation of a crime, ”Lembke said. “We cannot understand this.”

Fitzpatrick, candidate for the post of auditor, wrote a letter to Jamie Dimon, CEO of JP Morgan Chase, on Tuesday saying the Freedom Defense PAC did not violate WePay’s terms of service.

“While as a private company you are free to choose who you want to do business with,” Fitzpatrick wrote, “it will be the policy of the Missouri State Treasurer’s Office that the State of Missouri will not do business with JPMorgan Chase, or any other financial institution that discriminates against customers on the basis of dominant political ideology, as long as that discrimination persists.

Fitzpatrick’s two-page letter presents the 10-year history of defending freedom events, highlighting speakers Candace Owens, US Senator Roy Blunt and Congressman Jason Smith. He concluded that the bank’s policy is to discriminate on the basis of political ideology.

“In doing so, your institution is discriminating against an ideology that was supported by half the country and 60% of Missourians voting in the last election,” Fitzpatrick wrote.

In a press release, Fitzpatrick said JP Morgan Chase will clarify the terms and conditions of service through WePay and reinstate the Defense of Liberty account. In a response from the company, cited by the Fitzpatrick press release, “Upon further examination, we determined that the Freedom Defense PAC did not violate the Terms of Service. “

“I am pleased that JP Morgan Chase quickly recognized their mistake and made a commitment to review their internal policies and procedures,” Fitzpatrick said in the statement. “I look forward to receiving information on concrete steps the bank plans to take to prevent future discriminatory actions. “

Fitzpatrick did not mention Donald Trump Jr. in his press release. The Defense of Liberty website said Donald Trump Jr. will be speaking at the event on December 3 and that, a subsidiary of Webconnex, is the payment processor. However, in Tuesday’s radio interview, Lembke said Trump could not be rescheduled until February.

An email request to the Defense of Liberty organization for updated information was not immediately returned.

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