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The Ashland Parks and Recreation Commission has recommended a $1 fee increase and the elimination of the senior rate at Oak Knoll Golf Course. file picture

Ashland’s Parks and Recreation Commission recommended a $1 fee increase and elimination of the senior rate at Oak Knoll Golf Course at its Feb. 9 business meeting.

Discussion of a fee increase for reserved space on Calle Guanajuato was deferred to the March 2 APRC business meeting.

Oak Knoll Golf Course Manager Patrick Oropallo said that compared to two golf courses in Medford (Quail Point and Stewart Meadows), “it became clear that our fees had fallen behind despite the increase fee that we put in place in 2020”.

“At this time, we chose to implement a smaller, more frequent approach as opposed to a larger increase,” Oropallo said.

The comparison showed that Oak Knoll’s senior fees (for those 55 and older) lagged other facilities with similar fee structures, Oropallo said, recommending a new structure. tariff without senior rate and a $1 increase in nine and 18 hole fees. .

The senior rate was $15 for nine holes and $23 for 18 holes. Under the new structure, the adult fare will be $18 and $26 respectively.

“The new pricing structure will position Oak Knoll as still the best value in Rogue Valley despite the increase,” Oropallo said.

The rising cost of goods and services used in the operation of the golf course supported the increase in fees, he said. By unanimous vote of the APRC, the fee increase will take effect March 1, pending approval by Ashland City Council.

“It’s important that we do everything we can to maximize – in a reasonable way – our income, and this does that,” said APRC President Rick Landt. “I always hope for 100% cost recovery, and you can’t do that when you’re behind on your fees.”

Consideration of a 7% increase in fees for reserved space on Calle Guanajuato and the Lithia Artisan Market has been postponed to March 2, to allow time to update information in the staff report and to notify restaurateurs of the opportunity to speak at the meeting, Parks Director Michael Black mentioned.

The APRC unanimously approved the extension of the political deadline for the approval of Calle contracts from February 28 to March 15.

The Feb. 9 meeting package included a proposal to increase fees to $8.56 per square foot for access seven days a week, $5.35 per square foot for five days a week, and $5.89 per square foot for the Lithia artisans market.

The proposed 7% increase is based on the January 2022 Consumer Price Index, which showed a 7.7% increase in prices by area from a year ago, according to the Bureau. of Labor Statistics of the United States.

Postponed to March 2, agenda item expected to cover boundary map approval and space requests for Calle Guanajuato 2022 season, front Lithia Park use for Artisan Market , the increase in fees, the extension of the operating season until March 12-December . 31, and “off-season” agreements and fees, according to the Feb. 3 staff report.

“Once agreements are approved, staff, restaurateurs and the Lithia Artisans Market manager work together to resolve any issues or concerns and avoid conflicts before the season opens,” according to the staff report.


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