Artist and producer Odney Smooth is about to forge a new path in the music scene


Artist and producer Odney Smooth is about to forge a new path in the music scene

Talented hip-hop group Odney Smooth continue to deliver punchy music amid rave reviews from listeners as they abandon new projects

Odney Smooth is undoubtedly poised for a niche in the music industry, as the Maryland artist and producer continues to deliver entertaining yet punchy songs. The hip-hop actor known for his creativity and ingenuity in creating R&B and rap music also serves as the producer, engineer and producer of every song he releases.

The global music industry has undergone a series of developments over the years, thanks to the emergence of a plethora of unmistakably talented acts across all genres. One name, Odney Smooth, has literally taken the music scene by storm lately as he seeks to capitalize on the momentum to establish himself as a force in the industry.

Born Odny Delva, Odney Smooth got into music at the age of 8 and started freestyle in college with friends. Inspired by Kanye West, the native of Maryland decided to take his passion more seriously and pursued a career in the music business. Since abandoning his first project in 2012, Odney Smooth has continued to bless his fans’ ears with fantastic lyrics to punchy beats, releasing over 6 mixtapes on Datpiff and starring the popular Ye Ali on his debut. eponymous project called Odney Smooth.

The burgeoning act aims to bring back the seemingly lost glory of rap and R&B, with his recent exploits putting him on track to achieve the goal. Odney Smooth recently performed Loyal To The Game, amid rave reviews and a fantastic reception from fans encouraging him for his energetic display.

Odney Smooth’s works can be found on all major streaming platforms, as he continues to receive praise from his fans and lovers of great music.

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For more information on Odney Smooth and his projects, visit Instagram, where he has continued to grow his fan base with over 19,000 followers worldwide.

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