Black Creek Golf Course set to reopen next month after destructive tornado


ELLABELL, Ga. (WTOC) — The owner said he works hard every day to clear all debris from the course and it’s mostly clear.

The clubhouse and fitness center will take some time to replace, but you should be able to hit the green in a few weeks.

Bryan County’s only two recreation centers were destroyed by an EF-4 tornado a few weeks ago – Hendrix Park and Black Creek Golf Club.

“Just to see what he’s done breaks my heart and it really breaks a lot of our hearts,” said Dennis Seger, who plays on the course.

Dennis Seger plays the course and he was shocked like everyone else to see a video showing the roof ripped off during the storm.

“It was actually one of our members over there on the porch and he took this video. It’s amazing he didn’t get hurt,” said Alton Godwin, owner of Black Creek Golf Club. .

The National Weather Service said the tornado was actually at its strongest -185 MPH when it hit.

“Totally changed the concept of the golf course, the layout without the trees,” Godwin said.

Alton Godwin has owned Black Creek Golf Club since 2017.

He said they lost 300 to 400 trees in the storm and estimated damage was over $1 million.

“We have been cutting and transporting trees for three weeks now,” he said.

With all the work they’ve done since the storm, Godwin said the course should be open again in about a month, a huge relief for their pockets.

“As a business owner, I know that with money coming out, bills coming out and no money coming in, you won’t survive for long,” Godwin said. .

The course opening is huge for the north end of Bryan County. Some have been trying to get out since the storm hit.

“If we have our own golf carts, we can still use the golf carts and they take us to the course where we can play,” Seger said.

Seger was one of the first members of the club.

“Since day one it’s been open,” he said.

A few damaged trees and debris weren’t going to stop him from getting back on the green and when he finally gets back, he will be there too.

“We just can’t wait to get back here and make it official where we can start playing with our buddies,” Seger said.

The owner said rebuilding the clubhouse could take years, but they are currently working on a temporary store to replace the workout and fitness center.

They are currently awaiting permits, but Godwin is confident that next month the course will be open to the public.

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