Bookstore and exchange move to Norwich city center



NORWICH, NY (WBNG) – On Silver Street in the city of Norwich, just behind the Chenango Historical Society is a building. From the outside it looks like a house, but on the inside it is a treasure trove of books.

Known as the Paperback Book Exchange or PBX, the volunteer-run bookstore has been around since 2003. It is now moving to a new location in the downtown core of the city.

Joe Fryc works for the Historical Society and takes part in the management tasks of the bookstore. He says this move will help both the store and the downtown area. “So because it’s a bit more central, it’s right in the heart of Norwich city center and close to other bakeries, cafes and restaurants, so it’s a great place for people to shop. , they can enter the paperback exchange and grab some used books.

Fryc isn’t the only President and CEO of Commerce Chenango, Kerri Green says not only is she thrilled to have a bookstore located near her office, but she hopes more businesses will follow suit. and will return to the city center. Green says she thinks the DRI funding injection will help with that.

The Pocket Book Exchange will close on January 27 and reopen on April 23, which is also National Book Day according to Fryc. The store is currently holding a bag book sale at its original location.



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