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Hey again, it’s Chad from Studio MDHR! The last time I had the chance to write something for the PlayStation Blog, we were announcing the surprise release of Cuphead on PlayStation 4. Since that time we have been focused on the continued development of the next expansion for our game. , The Delicious Last Course, and I’m delighted to be able to announce a release date in good faith: this next adventure will arrive on PlayStation 4 on June 30, 2022 !!

I’m so proud of our amazing team and can’t wait for PlayStation gamers to get their hands on The Delicious Last Course. When we originally announced this expansion, we cheekily chose to name the game with a shortened title of “DLC”, and while it’s not a sequel, I can confidently say that The Delicious Last Race has taken on a life of its own during development, and it’s not just your standard Bog game expansion. On that note, let’s talk a bit about what the game is, and what you can expect.

The Delicious Last Course sees Cuphead and Mugman embark on “DLC Isle”, an untamed and never-discovered island off the main Inkwell Islands. Much like Cuphead, however, they discover that the island is home to a formidable new group of larger-than-life bosses, all linked to a quest they must undertake in the name of the merry, merry Chef Saltbaker. What this quest is and where it will lead our intrepid heroes is something we want to keep a secret a bit longer, but it’s fair to say that it could be the toughest adventure of our brave little mugs yet.

Fortunately, Ms. Chalice is there for more than just moral support. Fans of the original Cuphead will recognize her as the Legendary Chalice, but in this new form Ms. Chalice has her own talent, including unique abilities that will help you defeat some of the biggest bosses we’ve come across. never designed! Also, be sure to keep an eye out for cranky trader Porkrind, who is never one to pass up a trade opportunity and may well have some brand new magical weapons and charms to experiment with. In fact, if you take a closer look at the trailer we showed at this year’s Game Awards, you might spot a few.

Major announcements like this are always a chance to reflect on a game’s development, and something I’m really excited Cuphead fans are seeing with The Delicious Last Course is how our team has really honed their craft. during development. From our designers and concept artists to animators and engineers, everyone has spent the development of this game challenging it to innovate, and we’ve strived to make The Delicious Last Course a true watermark of everything. we do at Studio MDHR. There are individuals phases unique bosses in this game that contain more attacks and animation frames than entire bosses from the original Cuphead.

It’s often said that “any video game that comes out is an achievement,” and that’s something that I think our entire industry has felt doubly so, so making games in these unique times. In our case, we were particularly challenged by things like safely assembling a live orchestra to perform the soundtrack of our game. However, our guiding principle throughout the experience has been the quality of the performance. game, and we’re excited to see what everyone thinks about The Delicious Last Course when it releases next year. I hope you have whetted your appetite… for adventure!

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