High hopes for the coming year


Takeda LeGrand


Hope is the expectation of positive results; with the recognition of all the events and circumstances occurring in our life, city, county, state, nation and world.

I have high hopes for the County of Scotland, the Schools of the County of Scotland, North Carolina, the United States of America and the world. Why? Because despite the many challenges we face with COVID-19 and fatigue, we have a lot more to celebrate now.

Our students, families and partners can experience our educational services and facilities as we remain open for in-person instruction, extracurricular activities and community events. Thanks to the dedicated members of our team who choose Scottish County Schools as their employer, we have put in place protocols and resources to mitigate, assess and diagnose COVID-19.

Staff at Scotland County Schools do their part, often adapting to new information, demands and needs while focusing on high expectations, safety, relationships, fairness and accountability.

As we now celebrate the aforementioned small wins, I have high hopes for the remainder of 2022 as we have paved the way for a big race. I believe 2022 will produce positive results for our students, staff, families, partners and communities as WE have demonstrated that WE have the perseverance to grow. WE can do it all by working together.

WE includes me, you, our neighbors, friends and critical friends. Although WE is big, together is bigger. I have high hopes that by working together in 2022 for a Scottish county, WE will do great things for our children and our community. My belief is rooted in all the teamwork I have been involved in over the past year in the County of Scotland.

The Council of Commissioners and the Board of Education have worked together to provide a local supplement to our teachers to place the County of Scotland in the top 25% of the Sandhills region and have opened a new range tablet for the Scottish High School Air Force JRTOC program.

The Town of Laurinburg Police Service and the County of Scotland Sheriff’s Service have partnered with Scottish County Schools for a $ 500,000 school safety grant. Richmond Community College has provided schools in the county of Scotland with a dedicated college and guidance counselor. St. Andrews University has provided high dose tutors to our elementary schools in their school of education.

Scotland County Schools have partnered with the Laurinburg / Scotland Area Chamber of Commerce for the Fun Fest, Habitat Homes Meaning Writing Contest for Humanity, Broadband Surveys of the Lumber River Council of Governments, the Ministry’s After School Partners, the NAACP Back-to-School and Toy Events, Toys for Tots and the Christmas Tree Contest It’s the Season to name a few some.

As a result, I am optimistic for 2022, have high hopes and believe that by working together we can achieve more positive results. #SCSGrowsGreatness

With high hopes!

Takeda LeGrand is the Superintendent of Schools for the County of Scotland.


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