How Mpoomy Ledwaba quit an accounting course, got creative and made her first million at 27


Content Creator and Founder of Wisdom and Wellness Mpoomy Ledwaba (Supplied)

  • Mpoomy Ledwaba, a multi-talented YouTuber, podcaster, businesswoman, wife, mother and speaker, earned her first million at the age of 27.
  • The 28-year-old mother-of-two dropped out of accounting studies at UJ during her college days after realizing it wasn’t her path.
  • She started various businesses, including a manicure business called Aneno Beauty bar, which she later sold.
  • Ledwaba has dedicated much of his time to growing Mpoomy Ledwaba Creatives and today his creative business has earned him much respect and recognition in the creative industry, and his first million.

Not everyone needs a degree these days to earn an income or run a lucrative business, sometimes your creativity is all you need.

This is especially true for digital content creator Nompumelelo Ledwaba, better known as Mpoomy Ledwaba on his YouTube channel and Instagram page.

Content Creator Mpoomy Ledwaba (Provided)

Content Creator Mpoomy Ledwaba (Provided)

The 28-year-old wife and mother of two dropped out of her accounting studies at the University of Johannesburg after finding out it wasn’t for her. Little did Ledwaba know that his creative moves over the years would net him his very first million.

“I just knew that wasn’t the path for me, and it wasn’t exactly clear what the path was for me,” she told Business Insider.

To earn a living, Ledwaba started various businesses including one called Aneno Nails in 2017 where she provided a manicure service to her clients at their homes. The business then became a beauty bar before selling it.

“After graduating in nail technology, I couldn’t find a job. Nobody wanted to hire me, so I started my nail business Aneno Nails on wheels.

“I needed to get the word out, and I had a bit of an Instagram following, and then I started designing brochures because I knew I couldn’t afford to be in a post,” said Ledwaba.

Mpoomy Ledwaba (Provided)

Mpoomy Ledwaba (Provided)

According to Ledwaba, people reacted well to what she posted and her social media following grew even further. Not only did she share information about her business, but also snippets of her life as a person and newlywed.

Broaden one’s horizons

In early 2018, Ledwaba decided to start her YouTube channel after her husband pushed her to it. At the time, Ledwaba didn’t know much about YouTube and thought it was primarily a platform for music videos.

In less than five years, Ledwaba’s channel has over 240,000 subscribers and has been instrumental in earning its first million in the digital creative industry. Ledwaba earned his first million at the age of 27.

A few of the shows Ledwaba has on their channel include the wisdom and well-being podcast, which has its own Instagram page and Our Love Journey Podcast with husband Brenden Praise, among others. Although she has achieved a lot in the digital space, things weren’t so easy at first.

Some of the brands Ledwaba has worked with (Suppl

Some of the brands Ledwaba has worked with (provided)

“In 2018, when I realized there was something to this digital thing, before I officially started working with brands, I approached someone to help me find work. found a partnership with a local brand, but took a lot of the money.

“I asked my husband if I should continue or just fend for myself and trust myself. It was a very difficult decision because I didn’t know anyone. I didn’t have any contacts, I didn’t know anyone. agencies. I decided to go out and trust myself, and the brands just started flowing,” Ledwaba told Business Insider.

Content Creator Mpoomy Ledwaba (Provided)

Content Creator Mpoomy Ledwaba (Provided)

In less than five years, Ledwaba’s digital marketing company, Mpoomy Ledwaba Creatives, managed to make its first million and it’s not just what we see on Instagram and YouTube. The company also includes other lucrative services.

“There are speaking engagements, brand endorsers and also brands calling you to talk to their marketing team about how we want this influencer industry to be run. There’s a lot going on behind the scenes where you can actually monetize, but only if you think of yourself as a business.

“A company won’t call you if you don’t have your affairs in order. They’ll only call you to talk to their employees as a creative if they know you’re entrepreneurial and a creative who has your ducks online, she said.

Mpoomy Ledwaba Makes YouTube Black Vo f List

Mpoomy Ledwaba made the list of YouTube Black Voices Creator Class of 2022 (Provided)

Basic tools to start a brand

For up-and-coming creatives who want to make a living from digital entrepreneurship, Ledwaba advised taking it seriously, like any other job, and it will pay off.

Ledwaba advises that to run a successful brand, you need to be professional, which includes attending meetings on time, responding to emails on time, with email etiquette, and knowing exactly what you’re offering. . This ensures that creatives are working on campaigns that match their brands.

Knowing your audience and involving them in your growth is also beneficial and ensuring you follow the latest trends.

“There’s so much room for everyone, but it’s so important that you don’t try to be another Mpoomy… but to be yourself. You don’t have to break your back trying to find a different and unique niche.

“Find out what’s special about you and how can you make it work, how can you merge it with the industry situation. Authenticity really matters, find your voice. You only really find your voice by doing and being consistent. That’s how you build trust,” she said.


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