ICBC completes largest green bond issue on Macau Stock Exchange



The Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (Macau) issued MOP 2 billion ($ 249.4 million) in “carbon neutral green bonds” via the local SAR exchange as part of the “green bond listing initiative” »The bank’s multi-stock exchanges and multi-currency.

The MOP 2 billion listing via Chongwa (Macao) Financial Asset Exchange co (MOX) is the largest green bond issue in the Macau market, with senior unsecured bonds maturing in 2023.

On October 21, ICBC and China Central Government Securities Depository Trust & Clearing Co., Ltd. jointly released the ChinaBond-ICBC Green Bond Index in Macau, with future green bonds to be traded via MOX.

The banking group simultaneously listed US $ 3.2 billion in multi-exchange and multi-currency “green bond” listings on the Macao, Hong Kong, Singapore, London and Luxembourg stock exchanges.

Globally, ICBC launched $ 1 billion in green bonds due 2026 on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, $ 1 billion in bonds due 2026 on the Singapore Stock Exchange, some € 500 million in bonds due 2024 on the Luxembourg Stock Exchange (EuroMTF Market), and 250 million pounds of bonds due 2025 on the London Stock Exchange (international securities market)

They will also be displayed on the sustainable bond market of the London Stock Exchange and on the Luxembourg Green Exchange of the Luxembourg Stock Exchange.

The new index is based on the 2021 Catalog of China’s Green Bond Approved Projects released jointly by the People’s Bank of China, the National Development and Reform Commission, and the China Securities Regulatory Commission in April this year. year.

China’s green bond market was officially launched in 2015, and the proceeds were used to fund projects in six main areas: energy conservation, pollution prevention and control, resource conservation and recycling, clean transportation, clean energy, ecological protection and adaptation to climate change.

The issuance was made as part of the Hong Kong Mortgage Corporation’s US $ 20 billion medium-term note program, intended to raise funds in the international institutional market for general financing needs and to help expand its investor base and sources of funding.

The multi-currency function of the program allows HKMC to issue banknotes in major currencies (such as Hong Kong dollar, US dollar, renminbi, Australian dollar, British pound, euro, Japanese yen, etc.) foreign investors.

The program also incorporates flexible product features and supply mechanisms that allow public issues as well as private placements, which will increase its appeal to investors with different investment horizons and requirements.

The MOP bond issue will also be co-lead by the Macao branch of the Agricultural Bank of China Limited; Macao branch of the China Construction Bank Corporation; Bank of Communications Co., Ltd. Macao branch; Banco Nacional Ultramarino SA; Luso International Banking Ltd .; China Guangfa Bank Co., Ltd., Macau branch and The Macau Chinese Bank Limited.



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