Inside conversation with Tom Hendrickson


Each week, Evan Harp sits down with one of Exchange’s founders to learn more about them, their perspective on life, and what they hope Exchange can bring to the industry.

This week, he speaks with Tom Hendrickson, the president of ETFs Trends and ETFs Database.

Evan Harp: What surprises you?

Tom Hendrickson: I am Canadian.

Harp: What inspires you creatively, spiritually or emotionally?

Hendrickson: Learning. I love to learn, and I think it touches on all of these different elements, and whether it’s in family life, or personal life, or business, I just think the constant inevitability that every day you’re going to learn something . The sobriety of the little you know, as you begin to know a little more, and come to terms with it.

Harp: What profession other than your own would you like to try?

Hendrickson: Well, I grew up, as a good Canadian boy would, playing hockey. So I always dreamed of playing in the NHL, it has always been the number one dream. But, as you know, as I roll into my late 30s, early 40s, there’s really only one professional sports group I have a chance at. Wool PGA Touring is really my only hope, and I look forward to perfecting this craft and trying my hand at it over the next 10-15 years.

Harp: Why did you want to launch Exchange?

Hendrickson: To connect with advisors with whom we connect digitally in person. I think like ETFs Trends and ETFs The database has increased, the level of engagement that we have with this exceptionally dynamic, dynamic and truly interesting group – which sits above and manages the wealth of so many individuals and families – connecting with this group in person was really just an evolution of deepening this relationship. I think we do it in so many ways, which are great and continue to add value to this world in a digital realm.

But there’s never anything that’ll replace shaking hands, looking someone in the eye, sitting with them, having coffee, hearing about all the things that maybe don’t come out, that’s more personal and relevant to his personal experience and story. This can only be facilitated by a physical presence in person.

I think collectively as we thought about this and got excited about how we could differentiate this in-person experience and create something really, really new and unique and valuable to this world that was going to bring them for years to come, and being very engaging members of the community in a digital and offline realm and in an ongoing year-round realm, I think that was the most appealing part.

Harp: What do you personally expect the most from Exchange?

Hendrickson: Yeah, really, it’s not too different from what I was talking about earlier, and being a component of the in-person interactions that happen.

Obviously, connecting with advisors, building relationships, learning more about ways we can help each other in this larger ecosystem. Then, perhaps selfishly, we have great connectivity with a whole bunch of other parts of the ecosystem that serve that advisor, whether it’s issuing partners, index partners, exchange partners , research partners. Getting to see a lot of people we’ve spent a lot of time with on Zoom calls and otherwise over two-plus years when we meet in person in South Florida in April – just kind of breaking down some of the digital barriers and, like I said, shaking hands and sitting with people and looking them in the eye and finding out more about the depth of their personal lives and having a coffee and doing that for the better part of three days and half. I couldn’t be more excited about it!

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