Ivana Trump was buried on her ex-husband’s golf course, and he may grimly reap the tax benefits


So Ivana Trump, Donald Trump’s first wife and the earth birth vessel for about two-thirds of his noxious spawn from hell, recently died. She was found unconscious at the bottom of a flight of stairs, but where she ultimately ended up seems far less dignified: The family buried her in brand new land near the first hole of Trump’s Bedminster golf course , New Jersey , club.

Oh but that’s not all!


Ivana Trump, the ex-wife of former President Donald Trump, is the first known person to be buried on the golf course owned by Trump.

Under the state of New Jersey tax code, any land dedicated to cemetery purposes is exempt from all taxes, duties and assessments. Cemetery businesses are also specifically exempt from paying property taxes, rates and assessments or personal property taxes on their land, as well as business taxes, sales taxes, income taxes and inheritance taxes.

Within the New Jersey Law Review Commission, a “cemetery company“is defined as” a person, corporation, association or other entity that owns or operates a cemetery, but does not include a religious organization that owns a cemetery that restricts burials to members of that religion or their families to unless the organization has obtained a certificate of authority for the cemetery.”

Okay, the Trump family may have gotten tax breaks on their golf property by dumping their ex-wife/mother’s body there. But maybe it’s just a coincidence!

I mean, look how beautiful the grave is! How did the family pass on this place?

Yeah, for some reason I think it’s more likely that they were interested in the tax implications than the bucolic charm and beauty of their beloved mother’s eternal resting place:


But what do I know? Grief makes you do weird things.

I have long since given up trying to find the bottom of Donald Trump’s bottomless cup of evil. But somehow, surprisingly, he can still surprise me.

Consider me (slightly) shocked.

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