Kauba completes NCCCS Financial Aid Leadership Academy


LUMBERTON – Robeson Community College recently announced that Deborah Kauba, Associate Director of Financial Aid, is a graduate of the North Carolina Community College System Financial Aid Leadership Academy.

The graduation ceremony took place at the Cameron Conference Center of the GTCC in Oak Ridge. Kauba was one of 16 graduates who completed the program in December.

“Having the opportunity to participate in the Financial Aid Leadership Academy has been beneficial for my career progression,” said Kauba. “The Financial Aid Leadership Academy has opened doors and opportunities for me to grow as an individual, both personally and professionally. “

The Academy is a 6-month course, offered by the NCCCS to provide training to designated financial aid administrators with the hope of creating a pipeline of qualified financial aid office leaders and administrators within the system. community colleges.

The Academy is a component of the North Carolina Community College System Financial Aid Administrator Succession Plan. The succession plan was developed to help ensure that community colleges maintain a pool of qualified financial aid administrators who are professionally qualified to fill the position of principal when a position becomes available. This pool of qualified financial aid professionals will protect institutions from the absence of a competent financial aid director or administrator.

Colleges that experience extended periods without qualified financial aid administrators could be exposed to federal and state compliance issues. Participants in the program learned the key elements to becoming an effective financial aid administrator and the critical issues affecting the proper functioning of a financial aid office.

For Kauba, attending the Academy has helped her become a stronger leader in her profession.

“The Financial Aid Leadership Academy improved my current skills and dramatically increased my knowledge base and prepared me for additional responsibilities that I was not able to fulfill before attending the academy,” Kauba said. .

Kauba says that attending the academy has helped her do her job more effectively and efficiently, and that it has been a very rewarding experience that she will never forget.

“I have been able to build great relationships through networking and working with other financial aid administrators. The strengthening of the team and the relationships established will leave a lasting impression forever as I continue to embark on this journey to make the Financial Aid Department at Robeson Community College one of the top institutions of the 58 community colleges.

Members of the 2021 program participated in sessions focused on areas such as leadership, federal and state reporting, use of professional judgment, financial aid and office affairs, program audits and reviews, and fault management. These sessions were designed to help academy students become strong leaders in the financial aid community.


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