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Week 1

16e July 2022

Overview and context

● Why is the Constitution important in our everyday life?

● Terminology, history and vision behind the Constitution

● The making of our Constitution

● Salient features of our Constitution

Week 2

23rd July 2022

Constitutional Architecture

● Division of the Constitution into parts, chapters and articles

● How to read the Constitution and find what you are looking for

● How to find relevant constitutional cases

Week 3

30e July 2022

Central Legislative Body and Process – Parliament

● Composition of Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha

● Parliamentary Membership – Qualification; Disqualification; Termination; Anti-defection law

● Meeting and Officers of Parliament

● Dissolution of Parliament

● Functions of Parliament

● Parliamentary privileges

● Delegation of legislative powers

Week 4

6e August 2022

Central Executive

● President and Vice-president

● Council of Ministers

● Collective responsibility

● Executive, legislative and judicial functions of the central executive

● Attorney General

Week 5

13e August 2022

Supreme Court

● Appointment of judges + relevant cases

● Jurisdiction and Powers of SC + Jurisdiction by Act Pursuant to Art. 32

● Article 136 – SLP

● Appeals from the courts

● Miscellaneous Provisions

Week 6

20e August 2022

Territory of India

Provisions relating to the territory of India

Reorganization of States

Cessation of territory + Remaining cases from previous sessions

Week 7

27e August 2022

State Legislative Assembly

● Composition of the Legislative Council and the Legislative Assembly

● Qualification and Disqualification; Anti-defection laws

● Meeting of State Legislative Assemblies; officers; Dissolution of the House

● Functions of state legislatures

● Relations between two houses

● Legislative privileges

Week 8

3rd September 2022

State Executive

● Governor, Prime Minister and Council of Ministers

● Functioning of the Executive + Powers of the Governor

● Executive, legislative and judicial branches of the executive

● General Counsel

Week 9

tene September 2022

Judiciary of the state

● Appointment of Judges to the High Court

● Jurisdiction and powers of the High Courts

● Jurisdiction – Art. 226 + Art. 227

● Subordinate judiciary

Week 10

17e September 2022

Union Territories and Special Provisions Concerning Certain States

● Union Territories and how they are governed

● Special provisions of the Constitution relating to Gujarat, Maharashtra, Nagaland, Assam, Manipur, Andhra Pradesh, Sikkim

● Scheduled and tribal areas

● Municipal organizations

Week 11

24e September 2022

Legislative relations between the center and the States

● The three lists

● Principles of interpretation

● Residual powers and conflicts of entries in different lists

Week 12

1st October 2022

Financial relations between the center and the States

● Fiscal powers + Central and state taxes

● Fees

● Restrictions on taxation powers

● Finance Committee

● Borrowing power

Week 13

8e October 2022

Administrative relations between the Center and the States

● Welfare state and need for administrative law

● Center-State administrative coordination

● All services in India

● Miscellaneous

Week 14

15e October 2022

I. Emergency arrangements

● Different types of emergencies + when they can be summoned

● Case law during the emergency

II. Cooperative federalism

● What is cooperative federalism

● Various councils and statutory bodies

● Coordination between the Finance and Planning Commission

Week 15

22n/a October 2022

I. Trade, trade and sex

● Interrelation between art. 19 (1) (g) and Art. 301

● Regulatory measures

● Exceptions to freedom of trade and commerce

II. Official languages

● Debates on languages ​​and official language

● Judicial approach

Week 16

29e October 2022

I. Citizenship

● Citizenship at time of incorporation

● Citizenship Act, 1955

● Business and non-citizen

II. Elections

● Nature of elections

● Electoral Commission

● Electoral disputes

● Party system

● Relevant cases

Week 17

5e November 2022

Fundamental rights – Part I

● Sections 12, Sections 13, Sections 14

(Definition of the State, right to equality)

● Articles 15 to 18

(Law against discrimination; Equal opportunities; Debate on reservations; Abolition of untouchability)

Week 18

12e November 2022

Fundamental rights – Part II

● Sections 19-21

● Freedom of speech and expression; Freedom of press ; Right to life and right to live with dignity; Protection against double jeopardy; Ex-post facto laws and self-incrimination)

● Right against torture in detention; Preventive dentention ; Right to education; Right against exploitation

Week 19

19e November 2022

Fundamental rights – Part III-

● Right to religion and freedom of conscience

● Right of minorities to establish and manage educational institutions

● Right to protect one’s culture and language

● Right to property – before the 1978 position and after

Week 20

26e November 2022

I. Right to constitutional complaints – Art. 32

II. Guiding Principles of State Policy

III. Basic duties

IV. Constitutional amendments

Week 21

3rd December 2022

Review week


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