Michael Jordan’s $15 million golf course was just the start of a new $25.75 billion golf industry entry


Michael Jordan is looking to add even more to his incredible net worth with an interesting little golf adventure

You have to live under a rock the size of a planet for about a billion years not to know who Michael Jordan is today.

Of course, he’s best known for his work while playing for the Chicago Bulls. Celebrated 6-0 in the Finals, 5 MVPs, 6 Finals MVPs, and much more. Frankly, the only reason we don’t write all of his accomplishments is that it would go from a short read to a 50-page essay, the kind you write for college.

That aside, the man is, of course, retired now. But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t make more money. Heck, the man is worth $2.1 billion for Pete’s sake. And, the reason we are here is because man can take this value to be much, much higher, very soon.

Let’s cut to the chase, shall we?

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Michael Jordan’s new golf venture ‘V1’ seeks to give non-pro athletes the tools of the pros

Michael Jordan has been a gold lover for quite some time now. So, frankly, it’s not really a surprise that he’s also looking to do business there.

However, even that being said, this company he founded has an extremely lucrative goal, far beyond what was expected of MJ.

In 2021, the men’s company ‘Black Cat Sports’ decided to invest in a company known as ‘V1’.

Why was V1 special for Jordan?

Well, because this company seeks to develop a highly optimized application, which gives users professional level advice and knowledge on how to improve games.

It apparently touched Michael Jordan’s heart so much, Here’s what V1 CEO Bryan Finnerty had to say to Forbes about it.

“MJ said the reason he likes us is because you can have elite education available to non-elite athletes all over the planet. It was interesting for him, and that’s what we do.

The golf industry in the United States is worth over $25 billion. So, suffice it to say, it’s way beyond lucrative.

So, with that in mind, will such a thoughtful app be able to maximize MJ’s net worth?

We doubt there is another outcome for this one.

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