Platform Calgary Hosts First Digital Commerce Bank Fintech Competition, Awarding Two Calgary Startups Over $300,000


Calgary, Alberta–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Calgary-based fintech companies Whiplash and miq were announced as the winners Friday night at an awards ceremony celebrating the inaugural Digital Commerce Bank Calgary Fintech Award. Together, the two companies take home prizes worth more than $300,000 in non-dilutive cash.

The Calgary Fintech Award recognizes fintech companies that demonstrate clear innovation and a strong value proposition for the Calgary region through job creation, economic growth and diversification.

“The Calgary Fintech Award helps fintech startups accelerate their business by providing winners with a cash prize that is non-dilutive capital. The award encourages them to continue growing in Calgary,” said Jeffrey Smith, President and CEO of Digital Commerce Bank (DC Bank) and founding sponsor of the Calgary Fintech Award. “We were very pleased with the quality of the Fintech Award participants, founders and their teams. Calgary is a fantastic city to continue to grow the Fintech market and we are happy to give back to our industry. »

45 fintech startups from across Canada applied for the award and 24 were selected to participate in the intensive program. Over the past 3 months, companies have gone through fintech-specific workshops, mentoring sessions with world-class advisors, pitch coaching and business assessment. In early October, the field was narrowed down to 11 finalist companies.

On Friday in Calgary, the top 5 finalists were selected to make a final pitch live at the Platform Innovation Center in front of a panel of fintech experts and entrepreneurs from across Canada. The second prize of $60,000 went to miq, a financial platform that allows community cooperatives to pool funds, save and build credit. The first prize of $250,000 was awarded to Whiplashthe first digital payment platform designed for corporate fleets to allow drivers to pay for fuel and maintenance expenses with a secure digital wallet.

“For us and for Calgary, this award is an opportunity to shine – to demonstrate to the world that Calgary is the best place to start, grow and succeed in technology and business,” said Alice Reimer, CEO of Fillip .

The top 5 finalists for the Calgary Fintech Award included Credit App, Fillip, Miq, PayShepherd and The Smart Benefit by YRPlans.

The Digital Commerce Bank Calgary Fintech Award is a joint initiative of DC Bank and Platform Calgary. DC Bank has committed $1 million over four years to support fintech startups through the Calgary Fintech Award.

Calgary Platform

Platform Calgary is an impact organization whose members are technology companies large and small, united in a vision of inclusive and innovation-driven prosperity for Calgary. Platform Calgary brings together the resources of Calgary’s tech ecosystem to help startups get started and grow at every stage of their journey, from ideation to scale. The goal is to make all parts of the Calgary startup ecosystem better resourced, connected, efficient and prominent.

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