Prosper for Purpose Launches ‘Profitable Advertising’ Course for Entrepreneurs


Profitable Advertising Course

Lorraine Schuchart

The founder of Prosper for Purpose, Lorraine Schuchart

Courses taught by PR strategist Lorraine Schuchart, ARP

Consumers are wary of what brands say about themselves, but trust what they read, see or hear from their trusted media. This is why acquired media, what we call advertising, is so important.

– Lorraine Schuchart

CLEVELAND, OH, USA, Dec 31, 2021 / – Prosper for Purpose, one of North America’s leading PR stores for goal-oriented brands, has launched its first course , Profitable Publicity. The eight-week course was designed for entrepreneurs and small businesses who cannot yet afford to hire a PR company but want to reach new audiences through acquired media.

The course will be taught by Prosper for Purpose Founder Lorraine Schuchart, a Certified Public Relations Strategist (APR) with over 30 years of experience creating public relations campaigns for Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft organizations. Stores at 1% for the Planet.

“I want to help entrepreneurs harness the power of advertising to grow their brands and their income,” says Schuchart. “Most self-proclaimed gurus offering advertising training do not have the experience or expertise to teach the timeless principles of media relations. Instead, they promote how to create the perfect pitch or a trendy tactic, which doesn’t work as a repeatable strategy. “

Profitable Publicity will demonstrate how advertising influences audience behavior and drives business results by positioning a brand as the trusted authority in its niche.

“Consumers are more skeptical than ever,” says Schuchart. “They are suspicious of what brands say about themselves, but trust what they read, see or hear from their trusted media. This is why acquired media, what we call advertising, is so important.

Profitable Publicity is an interactive program built around eight essential modules that teach timeless strategies and current best practices used by the most expert public relations practitioners. By learning and implementing throughout the course, participants have every chance to begin building their “expert factor” through productive interactions that lead to profitable advertising. Bonus sessions include working with influencers and becoming a contributing writer for key posts.

While PR agency fees range from $ 2,500 to $ 25,000 per month, the investment for profitable advertising is $ 750 through January 2022, giving clients lifetime access to the course.

Schuchart says, “Taking a course is obviously not the equivalent of hiring an agency, but it gives those who can’t afford an agency yet the tools they need to advertise now.”

Classes will be delivered weekly via email so attendees can watch them at a time convenient to them, regardless of time zone. Weekly Q&A will be done through Zoom to ensure students can log in and get questions answered.

Schuchart says the idea for Profitable Publicity came from a year-long program she ran for a small group of entrepreneurs over the past 20 months. “I realized that most entrepreneurs don’t know what PR really is, let alone how to advertise their business,” she says. “And while I want to be clear that advertising is only one part of a public relations plan, for most entrepreneurs it is the one that can move their business forward the fastest.”

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