Queensland cleaner calls customer for being ‘racist’ in heated text exchange


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The cleaner defended his prices and called on the woman for her nefarious views. Photo / Getty images

A cleaning lady had the perfect answer to the racist and elitist tirade a customer sent her around Christmas.

The Queensland business owner shared her social media exchange on Thursday evening and was quickly inundated with praise.

She had recently started a cleaning business and one customer was not happy with the price.

A client disputed the cost of an end-of-lease cleaning for $ 477.

During the rant, the customer called the cleaners “imports” from other countries and said it was ridiculous to pay so much for “unskilled labor”.

But the woman defended her prices and called out the woman for her nefarious views.

The customer's angry message sparked outrage online.  Photo / Supplied
The customer’s angry message sparked outrage online. Photo / Supplied

“Holy sh * t $ 450 for an import to run a dusty cloth over surfaces then push a vacuum cleaner[uum] around the square, ”the customer began her complaint.

She added sarcastically, “I’m in the wrong company. Let’s assume an 8 hour day – that’s [sic] almost $ 60 an hour for unskilled labor – you’re dreaming of it.

“Habit [sic] using your services is [sic] for sure.”

But the cleaning boss didn’t take the anger message when he went to bed.

She retaliated with her own response.

“Thanks for your thoughts, we’re actually Australian, not that there’s anything wrong with being an ‘import’ like you put it,” the cleaning contractor said.

“A thorough cleaning is much more than just cleaning dust and vacuuming, it includes deep cleaning of hard-to-reach places, cleaning walls, removing mold and stubborn dirt. , light fixtures, window tracks, interior and exterior windows, deep oven cleaning and that’s just the basics.

“It is taking a lot longer than expected and it is hard, continuous work, but we are happy that you are not using our services, as we prefer not to serve racist individuals.”

The cleaner didn't back down.  Social media users supported his response.  Photos / Supplied
The cleaner didn’t back down. Social media users supported his response. Photos / Supplied

The businesswoman quickly took to social media to share her response, unsure if she had been too harsh on the client.

However, she was quickly hailed as a hero by Facebook users.

“My husband and I recently started a bond cleaning business, and I’m literally shocked by this response from someone,” she wrote.

“I don’t know if I started something or if I should have reacted better?

“Very few people were upset with our prices, and I know a lot of people have different priorities, some need the cheapest they can find… but I think his answer was so out of place, what if that? is all she thinks about, it’s involved in a bond of its own, she could just do it on her own ?!

“Maybe I could have taught him that we don’t quote by the hour, or that we have wages to pay and products and insurance to cover, or we could have chosen to ignore him.”

Fans quickly stepped in to assure him that his answer was pure gold.

“What a brilliant response !!! We had a housekeeper a few years ago who did an end or pre-lease for our neighbor and she swore she would never do it again! exhausting, so much harder and longer than expected! ” was one of the most popular comments.

“I think your answer is perfect and I couldn’t have phrased it better myself!” another said. “I can’t believe the racism she tried to spread.”

“Whether that’s a professional response or not, thank you for calling it! And $ 450 is more than reasonable,” added a third.


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