Rajalakshmi School of Business offers fintech course


As fintech emerges as a fast-growing sector, Rajalakshmi School of Business (RSB), which is among the Chennai-based Rajalakshmi Institutions, will offer fintech courses in a comprehensive learning mode.

“We are the only private B school in India to offer this course to eligible students,” said P David Jawahar, Director of RSB. “IIM Kozhikode and IIM Kashipur only offer a six-month certification program, while RSB offers a comprehensive general program for two years.”

The fintech sector is at the center of the digital evolution. Professionals specializing in these fields will have exciting career opportunities in dynamic work environments.

With the advancement of technologies, the actual demand for candidates with knowledge in the application of Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Machine Learning and Blockchain in finance is increasing by leaps and bounds, did he declare.

Competitive advantage

AI techniques are increasingly being used in finance, in areas such as digital payments, trading, asset management and blockchain-based finance. The deployment of these technologies must increasingly generate a competitive advantage in the financial services sector, Jawahar said.

Classes will start from the academic year of July 2022. Each academic year, 60 candidates per promotion are admitted. The course fee will be ₹7.82 lakh for two years, he said. Student eligibility will be based on CAT, XAT, GMAT aptitude test scores, he said.

Valuation increase

Over the past few years, Indian fintech organizations have raised around $9.5 billion from global investors. Additionally, it is on track to reach a fintech sector valuation of $150 billion by 2025.

This requires a huge need for skilled fintech professionals who will become the drivers of the fintech ecosystem. Fintech specializations are designed to equip students with skills that will help them effectively lead and serve the evolving financial services industry, according to an RSB statement.

Published on

June 11, 2022


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