Street vendor selling cotton candy in exchange for human hair


The Internet has made us discover the whole world. In fact, the world is much smaller for all of us thanks to the internet. Literally any type of content can be found on the internet, from weird to interesting.

But recently, a YouTuber found a unique street vendor who sells cotton candy. This traveling vendor accepts hair as payment for cotton candy.


This intriguing video was posted on YouTube by Foody Vishal. In the short clip, a street vendor can be seen selling cotton candy to small children in exchange for human hair. The vendor is selling what is also known as ‘budhiya ke baal’ after people dropped pieces of human hair into a bag hanging from a bicycle as a barter. Therefore, the concept (hair in exchange for cotton candy) was introduced.

It has been seen that the amount of sweets given to people is directly proportional to the amount of hair given. The seller also informed that he further sells the hair at a price of Rs 3,000 per kg and that, in turn, it is used to make wigs.

The man has been using this style of barter system to conduct his business for four years now.

The clip got several reactions from netizens and all of them are quite unique and different.

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The video garnered over 55,000 likes on Youtube. What do you think of this unique adventure?

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