Swampscott woman creates formula swap site despite national shortage


SWAMPSCOTT, Mass. (WBZ NewsRadio) — A Swampscott woman is tackling the national formula shortage in the United States with a “Free Formula Exchange” website, which connects families in need with donors who have surplus product.

According to her site, Keiko Zoll created the service as an online tool to address the urgent need for infant formula in every state and to break down the barriers that prevent families from feeding their children. Zoll emphasizes that the resource is not a place of commerce and instead acts as a self-help network with no paid transactions between formula seekers and suppliers.

The site asks those who have a formula to donate to add their name to the Free Formula Exchange database, which will only be shared with people who complete formula request forms.

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Zoll says she empathizes with mothers trying to find the right formula for their babies, as she too is a mother to a 9-year-old boy.

“I can’t imagine trying to navigate that experience of nine years ago in today’s formula shortage,” Zoll wrote on Free Formula Exchange, “I can’t make formula appear out of thin air. , but I know how to build a website and saw a way to design a simplified solution to connect people in need with people who can help.”

For more information on how the Free Formula Exchange works, interested parties can visit the site here.

WBZ’s Charlie Bergeron (@CharlieBergeron) reports.


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