The increase in foreign currencies could not stop the speed of e-commerce



The increase in foreign currencies could not stop the speed of e-commerce

The overvaluation of foreign currencies could not slow the pace of e-commerce, and records were broken again during Legend Friday and other November campaigns.

Güçlü Kayral, co-founder of Turkey’s first cashback shopping site,, said that in November three different global campaigns such as 11.11, Legendary Friday and Cyber ​​Monday were held, e-commerce turnover is expected. be advertised at around TL 50 billion.


Recalling that the turnover was TL20 trillion on November 27, Kayral said:

“Compared to November of last year, there will be an 80-85% increase in trading volume. In fact, we are slightly below general expectations. The industry expected historic increases of 100 to 120%. While the currency’s overvaluation did not prevent new records from being set, it did lower the record level a bit. In such times of great uncertainty, people generally refrain from shopping and place importance on saving. However, the campaigns were so appealing that millions of people couldn’t stand it, flocked to malls and wandered the e-commerce markets until morning.


Noting that the November campaigns are concentrated in the categories of ready-to-wear, footwear, small appliances, home textiles and personal care products, particularly electronics, Kayral said: “The campaigns in e-commerce will also continue in December. Especially before the New Year, sales records will be broken again. If the currency fluctuation ends, sales for December of this year could overtake November. The general expectation is that the trading volume will be in the range of TL 100-120 million in November-December. By the end of 2021, we forecast that the overall e-commerce volume in Turkey will reach TL 450 billion, “he said.

Kayral recalled that those who participated in the 11.11, Legendary Friday and Cyber ​​Monday campaigns through Advantageix, in addition to the discounts, were able to purchase at a much cheaper price, adding that the December campaigns can also be requested on Advantageix. .com.



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