“The new panel of the Ministry of Commerce will work on the law on electronic commerce”


The Ministry of Commerce will form a new committee to seek recommendations to make the law on the regulatory authority of electronic commerce to safeguard the interests of consumers and traders.

In line with its previous pledge made on Wednesday, the ministry will begin forming the new committee from tomorrow or the day after, Commerce Secretary Tapan Kanti Ghosh said.

In addition to government officials, representatives of the private sector, university professors, computer experts, e-commerce insiders, economists, researchers and business analysts would be housed in the new committee, Ghosh told The Daily. Star by phone.

The existing committee is an inter-ministerial committee made up of representatives from the National Board of Revenue (NBR), the Bangladesh Bank, the Home Office and other government regulatory authorities.

However, recommendations from a wider range of people are needed to craft a bill to protect the interests of those involved in e-commerce, an essential tool for consumers and traders.

The Ministry of Commerce will begin to formulate a law with the draft recommendations of the proposed new committee.

The proposed law will allow the Commerce Ministry to form the Electronic Commerce Regulatory Authority, the secretary also said.

The government will start working from tomorrow to form the Electronic Commerce Authority, the Central Complaints Management Unit and the Digital Commerce Act to streamline the country’s emerging e-commerce activities, the Minister of the Government said on Wednesday. Trade Tipu Munshi during a press briefing.

In addition, every e-commerce business will need to register with the e-commerce authority to get a unique number to manage the business using the e-commerce platforms.

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