The Powersport Academy announces a free course for powersports dealers

Corona, CA, March 30, 2022 –(– The Powersport Academy announces a free course for powersports dealerships, with enrollment currently open and courses beginning April 1, 2022. Developed primarily for editors of services and service managers, the Powersport Academy serves as a training ground for fixed operations space professionals. Motorcycle dealerships, like car dealerships, have two distinct workflows…variable operations which refer to sales and fixed operations which refer to everything else in the store.

As knowledgeable as service writers and service managers may be about the product or the work required to service the products, very few have received formal communication and leadership training. This is the goal of the Powersport Academy. By focusing on relationships with customers and internal staff, they can reinforce or create a positive company culture. Once the culture is established, they have the ability to add processes and procedures that add to efficiency and productivity – leading to extended profits for the business.

The free course titled “Getting Started with Service” paves the way for service students new to online training and eventually this type of professional development. The goal of the Powersport Academy is to provide dealer-focused training directly to motorcycle dealers and other powersports dealerships, with the net result being improved customer satisfaction, parts and labor sales. and lower staff turnover, leading to a healthier bottom line.

For more information, visit the Powersport Academy online or call them at 951-268-4118.


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