Total power trading at Indian Energy Exchange down 18% in August

New Delhi, Sep 5 (PTI) The Indian Energy Exchange’s (IEX) overall power market activity fell 18% year-on-year to 7,805 million units in August.

IEX gave this information in a press release. Total activity in August 2021 was 9538 million units.

However, on a monthly basis, IEX activity increased 9% in August. The total electricity business volume in July 2021 was 715.1 crore units.

According to the statement, the traditional electricity market contributed 6517 million units to the total revenue of 7805 million units in August 2022, while the green electricity market accounted for 437 million units. ‘units. The market share of renewable energy certificates stood at 85.1 crore units (8.51 lakh certificates).

The average clearing price in the next 24-hour electricity buy-sell market (daily market) increased by 2% year-on-year to reach 5.17 rupees per unit in August this year. It was Rs 5.06 per unit in August 2021.

According to the release, supply constraints remain due to high imported coal prices, fuel shortages and rising electronic auction prices.

Day Ahead Market activity was 3,529 million units. Growth remained almost stagnant on a monthly basis.

According to the release, a total of 723 million units were traded in the futures market over the various time periods, including daily and weekly. This is 17% more than the corresponding month of last year, while it is 64% more on a monthly basis.

The turnover in the real-time market, which meets the demand for electricity, increased by 22% on an annual basis to reach 2265 million units. On a monthly basis, it is six percent higher.


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